Planete Indie, the leading European indie radio show

What has now become a leading European radio show dedicated to the discovery and promotion of independent music originates from the encounters of a passion for the radio as a means of communication and a love for music. It was a natural, logical, expected consequence to host a music radio show.
The stress on independent music came up when discovering this world during the years at university (college). All ingredients could therefore be summed up and mixed to give birth to the project "Planete Indie" : import the "college way" of discovering music into a commercial radio station, traditionnally much less open to taking risks, open the doors of airplay to artists who very rarely (if ever) have the opportunity to be played on commercial stations, whatever their style, country of origin, language, ... is.

The adventure started on the air in July 1997, and show after show, month after month, year after year, it succeeded in demonstrating that there is not only a public that wants to go beyond traditional, commercial boundaries, but also a lot of artists and labels who believe in what they are doing and deserve to be heard.
But Planete Indie is "much more than just music". The show keeps its doors open to art in general, and echoes back to other quality, cultural events, that are driven by this philosophy of discovering, this will to go off the beaten track... Like for instance cinema, with "Discovery Zone" the Luxembourg city film festival, or "CinEast", the central and eastern Europe film festival, to which Planete Indie gives coverage since their 2013 editions as press partner.

From a couple of people here and there at the beginning, the network of partners who occasionally or regularly collaborate with Plančte Indie has grown to more than a thousand (almost 1400 at the moment), widespread all over the world, on each continent : from New Zealand to Japan, from South Africa to Russia. We, are all part of the Planete Indie family, and it is always a pleasure to visiting other members, whether in Chicago, Moscow, New York, Reykjavik, ..., or to welcoming them here in Belgium.

It is not possible to describe in details all the great moments of these years, it would be much too long to explain the friendship that arose from these encounters. We are very proud when artists come back and thank us for what we did for them, when they choose Planete Indie for an interview or to play their music, when they invite us to their concerts, when the press writes about our achievements. In this regard, we are progressively earning our stripes and attracting more and more attention. I invite you to read our press book, a way to see how professionals rate us.
We have also summarized in shortcut and in pictures in this diaporama our history and some of its highlights during the last 15 years.

What about the future ? We have plenty of ideas. Thanks to the evolution of modern technologies, the show has been able to extend beyond its geographical constraints and to reach people in other areas, but the potential for growth is vast. We cannot disclose all our ambitious plans, but we have, among other things, the desire to set up a whole radio station fully dedicated to independent music.

How will these projects evolve ? Time will tell...

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