Submit your music to Planete Indie

We are delighted that you have decided to submit your music to Planete Indie for airplay consideration !

It means that you have read our policy and agree with it. Fine.
You have two options to send us material.

Option 1 (hard submission) : CDs

Quite old-fashioned, but we do like to feel things in our hands. We therefore really appreciate to receive music on audio cds. The contents is the main part, but not everything though : a nice product comes in a nice packaging.
We assume (and have already noted this trend) that less and less physical stuff will be sent as promo material. So, if you really want to please us and draw our attention, this is our tip : send us your music on cds, it will give you better chances to stand out of the crowd.

There are also two other main reasons for this preference :
- audio cds are 98% of the times of better quality than electronic files, which is, from a radio airplay point of view, of utmost importance;
- we only accept 3 electronic files per artist : sending us a cd will allow you to submit as many tracks as you wish !

Note that we do accept mp3 cds too !

The address any material should be sent to is :

Planete Indie
Attn of Pierre Gerard
Rue de la Fraternite, 56
B-6792 Halanzy

Note that if you are outside of the European Union, and in order to prevent the package from being taxed when entering the Union, please do not forget to affix on the enveloppe the CN22 sticker (ask for it at your local post office) with the following indications :

  • the contents is a gift

  • the value of the contents does not exceed US$ 20 (or equivalent in other currencies)

Option 2 (soft submission) : electronic files

Planete Indie has entered into the digital age and is from now on accepting to receive electronic submissions too. But if and only if the files are sent in accordance with the following conditions :

  • they are in mp3 format

  • they are named as follows : Artist name - Song title.mp3

  • they are properly tagged

  • they must be sent with our online uploader, and in the most appropriate folder. Do not send any file via email : it will be immediately and automatically deleted !

  • make sure you include valid contact details (especially an email address)

  • leave room for the others and do not submit more than 3 files per artist. If you wish to send more than that, consider to send a hard cd (see option 1)

Thank you for your understantding.

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