Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions here, and will try to answer them as completely and precisely as possible.
Should you not find a suitable answer to your concern, feel encouraged to contact us straight away.

May I submit music for airplay consideration ?

Many radio stations do not accept unsollicited submission by artists or labels, and play only what they requested themselves.
Planete Indie has an opposite point of view, and this is our first and most important rule : all submissions are welcome ! You therefore do not need to ask for our permission before sending some stuff. The show is open to all music styles. We however do not play children music. We find it worth mentioning since we have received in the past so many requests, submissions and comments regarding children music that it appeared that our address had been mistakenly saved in some specialized database.

Please do not contact us either to request that we listen to your music before you actually submit it. Our days still count only 24hrs each, and we do definitely not have enough time for this. Therefore, if you feel that your music would fit in the format and deserves to be discovered, go ahead and send it to us. We will be more than happy to discover it and to listen to it once you will have submitted it.

We would also like to stress that it is very important that as an artist, label, or more generally speaking copyright owner, you have carefully read and understood our policy towards promos before submitting any material to Planete Indie. By sending us material, you will be implicitely deemed to have read, understood and agreed with these terms. In case you do not, then do not send. As simple as that.
These conditions are not tough, but mostly exist to ensure that you grant us the right to play your music on air. It is necessary that we both agree on this. This is also one of the reason why we do not play music that we could find by ourselves here or there. We will always contact the artist first and ask him for his agreement.

How can I submit my music ?

You can either send us a cd (audio cds are preferred, but mp3 cds are welcome as well), or submit your music online using our uploader. Important : do not send us files by email : they would be immediately and automatically deleted !
Make sure to include valid contact details (at least an email address) and if possible a short bio.
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Again, make sure you have read and agree with our terms. By sending us material you will be implicitely deemd to agree with them.

Will my music be played in the show ?

We do understand that if you decide to send us your music, the aim is to be played. We however cannot give any guarantee that you will actually appear in the playlists. Airplay consideration speaks of itself.
We can however promise you (and do) that your submission will be carefully considered, and that each and every cd or file that we receive will be listened to and will receive the same attention as any other artist would.

We find it important too to mention that Planete Indie does in no case discriminate against any kind of music, any artist, label, any language or any country of origin !
Our one and only concern and selection criterion is the quality of the music !

Can I listen to Planete Indie on the internet ?

Yes. We are pleased to be able to offer you the possibility to listen to the show on the internet, either live on the station stream, or via podcast.
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Is Planete Indie open to sponsorship ?

Yes. We have set up several advertisement schemes to allow you to sponsor the most interesting and strategic elements of Planete Indie.
We are also open to any suggestion you would like to submit us.
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How can I support Planete Indie ?

There are several ways you can contribute and support us, financially or not.
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May I mention Planete Indie as a reference ?

Generally speaking, we are fairly open to you using the name "Planete Indie" in your promo material, on your web site, ... , provided that what you write is correct and honest. Do not, for instance, state that you are one of our partners if your name does not appear on our official list of collaborators.
Again, as long as what you write is correct and honest, feel free to use Planete Indie as a reference. We appreciate that you refer to is (by a link, by indicating our address, ...) if possible.
If you wish to link to us on your web site, thank you for using only our main address : Thank you for your understanding.

How do I qualify as official partner of Planete Indie ?

Only the people and organizations whose name appear on our list of worldwide partners do qualify.
To appear on the list, please send us your music and wait until the list gets updated. It is therefore important that you include valid contact details when submitting any material to Planete Indie.
Note that you will qualify as collaborator even if your music did not get any airplay.

If you feel that you do qualify but cannot find your name on the list or for any other correction to the list, please contact us.

Why these breaks ?

The breaks in the life of Planete Indie were due to independent causes, which made it impossible to ensure at that time a sufficiently high level of quality to the show. It was therefore better to stop for a while than to go on in poor conditions. Lack of time, of resources, difficulties in receiving a convenient timeslot from radio stations, tightening of legal environment, other professional obligations are among the main obstacles that we face and that explain why these breaks were necessary (even if unwillingly).

Who is the team composed of ?

This project arose in the brain of Pierre Gerard when he was in his mid-twenties, in the nineties. He set it up and has hosted on several radio stations in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Before that, he was a dj at his college station in Namur (B), where he hosted other shows in prime time.
Pierre keeps on managing all daily and strategic aspects of Planete Indie, from hosting the show to web site design or contacts with artists and labels.
You can find more details about him on his personal web site :

However, such an amitious project could not have grown so much without the contribution of many people around the world. Since 1997, Pierre has developped a network of more than a thousand (almost 1400 at the moment) artists, labels, promoters, managers, venues directors, event managers, ..., on each and every continent, who contribute to make of Planete Indie a listening experience unique in its kind !

Together, we are part of the Planete Indie family...

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