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Planete Indie is smoothly earning its stripes and its position in the independent world. It is more and more often talked about, its seriousness and professionalism are praised and shown as role model. There are many musicians, artists, journalists, ... in a single word, professionals in the field, who quote us. It is not just to please us (and this gives us pleasure), but the reason is also that they are proud to be linked with our brand, and have recognised in us the proof of quality.

Here is thus our press book, a small compilation of valuable testimonies...


  • Planete Indie is referred to in Tad Lathrop's book : "This Business of Global Music Marketing : Global Strategies for Maximizing your Music's Popularity and Profits".

    Planete Indie is quoted in chapter 7 : "Promoting Globally Through Radio Play and Audiovisual Performance".
    This book aims at being a "guide to doing business in the international marketplace" (source :, and explains "how to break into the global market, how to distribute records abroad, how to find an audience, how to package records to appeal to local markets, how to establish partnerships with foreign businesses, how to deal with different rules of trade, and much more" (source : Google Books).
    Tad Lathrop has previously worked for prestigious companies like MTV Interactive, Billboard, CBS Publishing, or Broadcast Music Inc (BMI), and "has directed publication of more than 50 other books on music and the performing arts" ( This gentleman is not just anybody, and if he chose to mention Planete Indie, it did not happen by accident !

    Reference of the book : eISBN 978-0-307-83012-8
    This Business of Global Music Marketing

  • Planete Indie is also referenced in the "Indie Bible", in chapter 4, that deals with radio stations that play independent music.
    This "bible" is a book totally dedicated to musicians and songwriters that have recorded a cd or demo (source :

    Press articles

  • The daily newspaper Savannagh Morning News, in its October 22nd, 1999 issue, mentions that Greg Williams has been played on Planete Indie as cd of the week. Nice credentials on the honour list of this artist from Georgia.
    Savannagh Morning News

  • One of our very first mentions : the winter 2000 edition of the Indie Tracker Magazine published a press release of Planete Indie, inviting its readers to trust us for their radio promotion.
    Indie Tracker Magazine

  • On September 25th, 2003 Juneau, Alaska's capital city online newspaper, devotes a topic to Lahna Deering & Rev Neil Down's duo, about to travel to Ireland to record their new album. The journalist seizes the opportunity to review the main steps of their career, and particularly the position among the 2001 best 10 albums selected by Planete Indie for their release "Coupe De Villa".
    Juneau Empire

  • The Connecticut Songsmith, the Connecticut Songwriters Association (an association set up in 1979) newsletter, introduces in its September 2005 (volume XXVI, Number 9, Edition 310) issue the guest speaker at their September meeting, Gilli Moon, who is well known by the listeners of Planete Indie.
    When portraying her, the journalist links her actual take-off with her appearance on Lust's eponymous album, which we did select as best album for the month of September 1997, and which, de facto, took part to our best cd of the year election. This success launched Gilli Moon's international career !
    Connecticut Songsmith

  • The New York Theatre Wire, the magazine for culture and arts in Big Apple, introduces "Romeo and Juliet : Tribal", a show played on stage at the La MaMa theater in April 1999, whose live music is arranged by Valerie Ghent. The main headline used to introduce her : "Unstoppable", her first album, was named best album of 1998 by Planete Indie...
    This show was apparently very successful, since extra performances have been scheduled from June 17th until 27th.
    New York Theatre Wire New York Theatre Wire

  • I also include here articles taken out of two newspapers from New Zealand, the New Zealand Herald (dated May 15th, 1997) and the Sunday Star Times (unknown date) about "kiwi" artist Theo Ray. One can read that her music got a warm welcome from a radio station in Belgium. These coverages were published a couple of weeks before the beginning of the Planete Indie story, and refer to the station RUN (Radio Universitaire Namuroise), on which I was working at that time. I of course continued to have her in rotation on Planete Indie afterwards.
    New Zealand Herald & Sunday Star Times

    Web sites, blogs

  • The site "Quebec Top" (which announces 3 millions visitors, source has published an article expaining how to listen to a Belgian radio on the internet, and particularly which radio to listen to. On a desirably good position in Plumette2's list we find Planete Indie. She can only be congratulated for this excellent selection ! Column published on March 16, 2010.
    Québec Top

  • In February 1998 already, Gilli Moon, whom we have already talked about hereabove, proudly announced on her blog that the album Lust, on which she was performing the song "You Belong To Me", had been selected as album of the week, of the month, and in competition for the best album of the year contest !
    Gilli Moon

  • Again, about Valerie Ghent. This time she's called upon to share her experience by Sharon Goldman, a singer, sonwriter and columnist, who interviews her on her blog "Songwriting Scene" ("a blog for songwriters about songwriting", source :
    Invited to explain how her path in the world of songwriting went, Valerie did not hesitate to remind that her first album "Unstoppable" was elected best cd of the year in 1998, which was a major step in her musical career.
    This article was published on June 22nd, 2010.
    Songwriting Scene


  • The artists highlight in their bio, in their official communication, especially on trading sites, the most significant, the most booming elements of their career. Very often, the ones who had the honour to be on our playlists do not fail to point it out. You see, Planete Indie makes you sell more !
    Here are a couple of examples, including statements by AtOne on Amazon Japan, by Emporium on SoundCloud, by Final Reign on CDBaby, and by Insanasomnia on Reverbnation.
    AtOne Amazon Emporium SoundCloud Final Reign CDBaby Insanasomnia Reverbnation


  • Eventually, as this section aims at being larger than a bare press book, and in a slightly different note, but which represents an enhancive factor of our efforts (if not the most enhancive one), some artists have wished to link their successes, their work, more closely with us and to honour us by including us in their acknowledgements on their cd cover. This way, they are explicitely explicitely evidence of the help, the support and the recognition they received from and thanks to Planete Indie.
    Demonstration with Admite Lo Particular, Texas Twister Radio Records, Hobbit, and Fred Clark.
    Admite Lo Particular Texas Twister Radio Compilation Hobbit Fred Clark

  • Last but not least, I include also two letters that the "Last Band On Earth" sent me in 2003, in which they explained that Planete Indie was one of the main inspiration sources for their new album "Pirate Radio".
    Last Band On Earth

  • As far as we know, we have not yet been quoted in a song's lyrics... but who knows... One day, a cool artist or band will rectify this. In that case, make sure to let us know, and we will include you here !

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