Contribute to keep Planete Indie alive

If you like our project, share Planete Indie's philosophy, and would like to support us, here are a few suggestion tips. Any help will be welcome and appreciated, since it takes a lot of time (and money) to keep this going on...


  • Advertise :

    We have made some space available for advertising on the most strategic pages of our web site, i.e. :

    - our front page,
    - our "listen live" area,
    - our podcast area.

    We can include your banner on any of these pages.
    The front page, as gateway to this web site, will be seen by 100% of our guests, while the latter two are the other most seen pages, especially since they remain displayed on the visitors' screen as long as they keep listening to the radio or to the show. As we wrote, these are very strategic places !

    On top of that, we are accepting audio ads within our podcast area, in our playlist of shows freely available for listening.

    Interested in any of our advertising options ? Please get in touch.
    Our fare is affordable to everyone, since you will decide what you want to pay for this service. Isn't it pretty ???
    We are also open to and will gladly discuss with you any other suggestion you would submit to us.

  • Syndicate Planete Indie :

    If you are interested in buying our shows to play on your station or network, we would be glad to hear from you.
    Contact us as soon as possible !

  • Make a donation :

    Donations are welcome in order to ensure the viability of Planete Indie and pay for all these tools, technologies and services that we rely on. We have set up 2 links to Paypal if you wish to grant us a donation in Euros or in US Dollars (see links below). If you prefer to use any other currency, please create an account and log in to Paypal. It is quick, easy, useful and free.

    Euros :

    US Dollars :


  • Join our Facebook group, have it grow, take part to it, make it alive, ... Once you are a member of the group, you will be able to publish your tracks, videos, ads for concerts or events, reviews, photos, ... In a word, this page exists for you. And above all, don't forget to spread the word !

  • We are constantly in need of new station id's. Therefore, if you are an artist, a musician, a label, and especially if you have sent us your music, it would be great if you could take the time to record a personalized, dedicated jingle that could be played during the show. It would also support your music on air !
    As a suggestion, it could sound like : "Hi, I'm <(your name)> from <(your band's name)> and you are listening to Planete Indie". Just a suggestion. Feel free to amend the text, to add music to it, ... or even to record several variations.
    An MP3 file is fine for us !
    Get in touch for more details !

  • Drop us a line to say hello, or whatever you would like to tell us. It is always good to know that we are not alone in the universe !

  • If you have any other idea, suggestion, comment or contribution offer we did not think of, we would be delighted to hear from you as soon as possible !!!

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