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Planete Indie is a leading European independent radio show, dedicated to the discovery, promotion and airplay of independent artists, talents, music and labels. The show was founded in 1997 and is hosted by Pierre Gerard, who has an extensive experience of radio presentation (since his years at university).

Played live (and then rebroadcast) from now on on a monthly basis (the first Saturday each month), this one and a half hour of music is a unique in its kind listening experience, and includes artists from all over the world and from many varied musical backgrounds. It is available via air waves and cable in parts of Belgium, France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, or via internet stream (live or podcast).

Please read our FAQ first, especially if you are interested in getting in touch, in submitting your music, or in supporting us. If you cannot find any suitable answer there, we will be happy to assist you.

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