Our policy towards promos

Please make sure to carefully read and understand these terms, and agree with them before sending any material to Planete Indie for consideration. They define our mutual rights and ensure that Planete Indie is granted the right to play your music on air or via internet stream.
By submitting music to us, you are deemed to agree with these terms. If you do not, then do not send. As simple as that.
Thank you for your understanding.

Planete Indie does accept sollicited & unsollicited material.

We sometimes discover artists and request from them some material, but any artist, label, manager, ..., is allowed to voluntary submit material to Planete Indie. It is not necessary to ask us for the permission to send us material. If you feel that your music would fit within the show's concept, go ahead !

Promos are not sent back.

We do not return material sent to us. It would be too expensive. Thank you for your understanding.

Sending promos does not guarantee that they will be played on air.

Read the faq that deals with this for more details more about this topic

Planete Indie does not have any prejudice against any kind of music, any label or artist, ...

Planete Indie does not discriminate on music style, country of origin, language, artist, label, or anything whatsoever. Our one and only selection criterion for airplay selection is the quality of the music.

Each and every record is listened to before beeing played.

We will never select any track in a playlist without having heard it first. No exception !

The names of people and/or companies who send promos are displayed on the partners page, even if the music is not selected for airplay.

Read the faq that deals with this for more details more about this topic

Artists, labels, promotors, ..., may use Planete Indie as a reference if their name is on the partners list.

Read the faq that deals with this for more details more about this topic

By sending promos, you authorize Planete Indie to broadcast the records, and you approve the present rules.

This is important, since it ensures that Planete Indie is entitled to play the record on air or via web stream (public play). It would otherwise not be possible anymore to run a radio show, which is by definition based on public performance.

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